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12in. & 16in. Deep Woodcrest White 6ft. Tower with Shelves - (JLH-464/465)
Available in White, this 12in. or 16in. deep Woodcrest 6ft. tower frame includes 4 adjustable shelves that are perfect for providing the additional shelf space that you require. Add in more adjustable shelves and angle to create a show tower.
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What's in the Box?
  • Two 6ft. x 12in. or 16in. tower sides.
  • One 2ft. x 12in. or 16in. bottom shelf.
  • One 2ft. x 12in. or 16in. top shelf.
  • Four 2ft. x 12in. or 16in. adjustable shelves.
  • Assembly instructions.
  • All required hardware & fasteners.
  • One Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty
  • Exterior depth: 12 or 16 inches
  • Exterior height: 72.75 inches
  • Exterior width: 26.25 inches
  • Interior depth: 12 or 16 inches
  • Interior height: 69.25 inches
  • Interior width: 24 inches
  • Shelf depth: 12 or 16 inches
  • Shelf width: 24 inches
  • Product weight: 51lbs
  • Supported weight: 25lbs per lineal foot.

Product details

  • 100% Solid Wood
  • Available in White finish
  • Available in 12in. and 16in.
  • Includes 4 - 12in. or 16in. x 24in. adjustable shelves
  • Everything included.
  • Integrate into your existing design.
  • Or use by itself.
  • 100% solid wood.
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Invert shelves to create shoe tower.
  • Ventilated sides for air flow.
  • Use In Closet, Pantry, Linen, Bathroom, Laundry.
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