Ventilated Solid Wood Shelving

We offer a large inventory of ventilated wood shelves and garment bars for closets, laundry rooms, and more. Our shelves are crafted from solid wood, which results in a beautiful product that will enhance your closet or storage space. Our ventilated shelving is available in 12in and 16in depths with various finishes. Garment bars are available in lengths ranging from 4ft to 8ft.

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  1. 16in. Deep Adjustable Shelf 2-Pack Hone Maple finish
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  2. 16in. Deep Woodcrest Adjustable Shelf 2-Pack Carmel finish
  3. 16in. Deep Woodcrest Adjustable Shelf 2-Pack White finish main
  4. 12 inch honey maple solid drawer top main image
  5. 12 inch woodcrest carmel solid drawer top main image
  6. 12 inch woodcrest white solid drawer top main image

Wood Shelving vs. Wire Shelving

While wire shelving has traditionally been the go-to option for closets, laundry rooms, and pantries, wood shelving offers many benefits. One of the biggest advantages of wire shelving is that it is ventilated, which allows room for clothes to breath. On the other hand, wood shelves give off a high-end look that many desire. Additionally, wood shelves absorb the odor and bacteria of dirty clothes in your closet while also tending to last longer than wire shelving.

We offer ventilated wood shelves that give you the breathability of wire shelves and the beauty of solid wood shelves. John Louis Home shelves are available in a variety of beautiful finishes, making it easy to find ones to fit your dream closet.

Use Ventilated Wood Shelving in Any Space

While our storage and shelf kits are designed to maximize and increase storage in your closets, they can be used all around your home as well. Try installing our deep shelf kits on any wall in your home that you would like to display household art or use for storage. Your home’s entryway could use a shelf to store keys, wallets, and other items you wouldn’t want to leave behind. Also consider installing ventilated shelving in your family’s living room to display family pictures and art. The possibilities are endless!