Designed for the DIYer

Whether a novice or Expert, Anyone can do it

DIY Closet Organizers Designed to Fit You

Our 100% real wood, cut-to-fit closet organizers fit closet walls 10 ft. wide or less, and include multiple configuration options to choose from. Use this handy tool to find the perfect fit!

Anyone Can Do It

John Louis Home closet solutions were designed for the DIYer in all of us. Our closet organizers use a “Cut-To-Fit” process that allows all organizers to fit closets 10ft. wide or less.

All John Louis parts are sold individually so everything you need is at your fingertips to create your custom design.

Installing a closet organizer will take the following tools: A pencil, level, tape measure, screw driver (preferably a battery powered screw gun) and a fine toothed saw for cutting shelves (preferably a chop saw or reciprocating saw).

Installation Instructions

Need Instructions or want to view how our products are installed?
All John Louis Home Installation Instructions are available to view online or download to print.

Videos Are Worth A Thousand Words

View complete installation videos for organizer configurations, accessories and shelving products as well as how-to videos on using free hanging shelves, installing around corners and more.


Find answers to the most common questions about John Louis Home products and installation.

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