Fits Up To 10 Feet Wide

All John Louis Home closet organizers are designed to fit a width of 10ft. or less. This is achieved by how the shelves are positioned to cover the required span. When used in closets where the width is less than 10 ft. the excess shelving from any cuts can be used back in the organizer allowing you to use the most out of your organizer with minimal waste.

Our organizers include enough material to split between closets when dealing with much smaller spaces such as a 5ft. wide closet or across multiple walls when dealing with tight walk-in spaces.

Buying Quick Guide

An unorganized messy closet often spills into the rest your space. A shirt not hung, shoes randomly on the floor, a belt over here, a bag over there. Imagine it all organized.
John Louis Home provides you the solution to a neat, tidy well organized space that looks and feels great. You’ll feel the same too.
This quick guide helps you determine what your organizational needs and requirements are and which storage solution is right for you.

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Easy DIY Organization

Closet organizers offer the simple and easy way to design your space. John Louis closet organizers provide the most material on the market. This allows for more design options that work in almost any space. In most cases the included configurations are just what you're looking for.

Combine multiple organizers in one room or add on with additional elements. Place shelves and towers at any height or location you desire. Add accessories into your organizer to increase your overall functionality and design. John Louis allows you to organize your space how you you need it.