Damaged Or Missing Parts

Product Replacement for Missing Parts, Defects & Damages

- John Louis Home will replace missing parts, manufacturer defects and product damage resulting from during delivery.
- All replacement parts are shipped via ground service.

How do I request a replacement?

Step 1: Double Check Package

- In many cases missing parts are simply misplaced. Double check the package and surrounding area prior to submitting request.
- If your package is damaged from shipping, ALWAYS OPEN the package and check the items before refusing shipment or requesting a replacement. 90% ot the time there is no damage or a single part is the only damage within.

Step 2: Submit Replacement Form

- Fill in all available field within form. The more information provided, the simpler the replacement.
- For damaged items, upload photos of damage part. The more photos the better.

Step 3: Replacement of Part

- Customer service will contact you regarding your request to confirm replacement details and process the replacement.
- Please allow 24hrs for processing of replacement parts and 3-5 business days for shipping.
- All replacement shipping is ground service only. Expedited shipping is available for purchase.

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