5 Closet Planning Tips

So your ready to transform your closet. Here are some key tips on planning your closet transformation.

1) Take Inventory

Before you start designing your closet space, think about everything you use and how you want organize those items.

- Do you need more drawers, shelving or hanging storage?
- How much hanging storage you need?
- Does your hanging storage need to accommodate for dresses, suits or long items?
- Do you want hang your slacks full length or draped?
- Do you like prefer shelves or drawers?
- Do you hang your belts and ties or roll/fold them?
- Do you need to organize jewelry?

Think about how you would use the closet space. Are you planning on storing all of your items in the closet space or do you also plan on using furniture in the room as well?

2) Measuring your storage space

Whether it is a walk-in or reach-in closet, the first thing you need is the dimensions. Pay attention to how the doors work and if it encroaches on any storage space. Note where windows, vents or obstacles are that may interfere with your design. Make sure outlets and light switches are accessible in you’re planning.

3) Think about the lighting

Of course you need to see what you have. If you have windows that send natural light in the room keep in mind it will only be available throughout the daytime so make sure that you will have enough artificial light sources for all areas and times of the day.

4) Use as much space as possible. Think vertical

Take advantage of all available space up to the ceiling. High areas can be used to store items not used all the time. Use hard to access spaces for seasonal storage. Make use of the corner areas as well with shelving.

5) Design each area as a section

It is helpful to think of your storage areas as sections when planning for closet design. Determine the functionality and use of each section, such as double hanging area, drawer storage area, etc., and plan your layout to position the most used sections in the best accessible spaces. Of Course you’ll want it to look good too. When dealing with a closet that will shared, determine the space required for each then plan out your sections.

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