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Welcome To Renew® Wire Shelf Covers. The newest revolution in storage & organization by John Louis Home. Renew provides you the simple solution for wire shelf remodeling. Transform & refresh your shelving to designer style.

Kithcen Hall - White Finish

Laundry Room - Espresso Finish

Kitchen Pantry - Red Mahogany Finish

Linen Closet - Red Mahogany Finish

Hall Closet - Espresso Finish

Kitchen Pantry - White Finish

Finally, the wire shelf solution you’ve been waiting!

Renew works with all wire shelf brands,types & meshes. Renew's patented design provides you a single product solution that works with 12, 16 & 20 inch shelf depths while covering the most common wire shelf face heights. Available in 2ft., 3ft. & 4ft. lengths allows you to mix and match to cover all standard distances.

Renew panels & front rails can be cut to cover your exact dimension if required. Renew is available in multiple finishes so you can match to your existing style & create a fresh look for your space.

How It Works

Refreshing your space with Renew premium wire shelf covers is not hard at all. Follow these simple steps and your on your way to changing your wire shelves instantly.

  • 1) Find your fit by first measuring your wire shelf lengths.
  • 2) Select your amount of renew wire shelf covers to cover the distance per shelf.
  • - Example: If your shelf is 4ft wide, select 1 4t. cover.
  • - Example: If your shelf is 5ft wide, select 1 2t. cover & 1 3ft. cover.
  • - Example: If your shelf is 6ft wide, select 2 3t. covers.
  • - Renew wire shelf covers can be cut if required. (Example: If the distance is 4ft. 5 inches.) In this case you would purchase 5ft. of coverage.
  • 3) Order & install.

  • Now you can bask in the delight of your newly refreshed space.

    Simple and easy installation!

    Renew makes refreshing wire shelving easy. With everything you need to cover your wire shelf included, simply follow the step by step instructions and your space is transformed in no time. Combine sizes to meet your required distance. Renew panels & front rails can be cut to cover your exact dimension if required.

    Click below to watch installation videos or download pdf installation instructions.

    Installation Instructions

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