Jewelry Trays

Organize and display your jewelry collection with our closet solutions. After owning more and more pieces of jewelry it gets much harder to keep them organized and in good condition. We offer premium solutions to help keep your jewelry organized in your closet, especially your long necklaces that like to get tangled

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  1. 15in. Deep Jewelry Tray - For 16n. Deep Drawers
    80% of 100

    Jewelry Tray

    Special Price $24.30 Regular Price $27.00
  2. 15in. Deep Valet Tray - For 16in. Deep Drawers

    Valet Tray

    Special Price $26.10 Regular Price $29.00
  3. 15in. Deep Tie and Belt Tray - For 16in. Deep Drawers

    Tie & Belt Tray

    Special Price $28.80 Regular Price $32.00
  4. 15in. Deep Jewelry Half Tray - For 16in. Deep Drawers

    Half Jewelry Tray

    Special Price $14.74 Regular Price $16.38

Better Organization

Our closet jewelry storage trays provide great options for storing, organizing, and even displaying your jewelry collection. With each storage tray featuring separate compartments, you are free to keep your earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets all separated -- or sort full pairs of jewelry together! Our organizing trays provide many other purposes and the compartments are big enough to be used to store belts and ties as well.

How to Keep Jewelry Tangle Free

The trick to keeping your necklaces from getting tangled while you keep them stored is laying them out completely when you store them. Putting your necklaces away carelessly can cause the chain to tangle and knot up. John Louis Home closet jewelry organizers feature many individual storage spaces, including a long box for necklaces. We make keeping your jewelry organized and neat as easy as could be