Here you can find answers to the most common questions about John Louis Home products and installation. For any other questions, please call customer service at 1.800.480.6985 for assistance.

  • Q. How do I determine how many pieces and what lengths I need?
  • First find your fit by first measuring your wire shelf lengths. Then Select your amount of renew wire shelf covers to cover the distance per shelf. For example: If your shelf is 4ft wide, select 1 4t. cover. If your shelf is 5ft wide, select 1 2t. cover & 1 3ft. cover. Or if your shelf is 6ft wide, select 2 3t. covers.

  • Q. Can the Wire Shelf Covers be cut?
  • A. Yes, the Wire Shelf Covers can be cut and combined to fit any length of shelving.

  • Q. What length should I buy if I need to cut the shelf?
  • Always purchase the largest lenght close to your requirement. For example: If the distance you need is 4ft. 5 inches, you would purchase 5ft. of coverage. In this case you could purchase one 6ft. length and cut it to size or purchase one 3 ft. lenght and one 2 ft. length then cut one of the pieces down to size.

  • Q. Can the Shelf Liners be cleaned?
  • A. Yes, the Shelf Liners can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water.
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