4 Finishing Touches To Your Closet

Small changes can add huge impact to your closets style, organization and functionality. Here are the 5 top tips that add that “Finishing Touch” to your space.

1) Matching Hangers

Matching hangers add a big bang for your buck when it comes to overall style. By eliminating the mismatching, hodgepodge of hangers you create a cohesive design that gives you a relaxing feel of organization.

2) Valet Rods

Valet Rods are a tiny tool that add big impact to your space. This little item keeps your closet clean by offering a functional space to hang your dry cleaning, plan your outfits, dry out bathing suits or other delicates and place items for packing.

3) Label Your Bins & Baskets

This is another one of those small tips that can really enhance the style of your space. When you label your bins it keeps your space neat and tidy and you stress free. No more searching each bin or baskets to find what you’re looking for. Label fonts and colors can create that added touch of style and sophistication. Serif fonts and muted colors can provide a traditional, classic feel while san serif fonts and bright or trendy create that modern feel.

4) Glass Doors

While a more pricy option, glass doors add that missing piece to the puzzle in closet design. Doors are a great way to hide shelf content while presenting a tidy organized space with added decor style.

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