8 Steps for How to Organize Your Kid’s Closet

The only thing growing faster than your children is their constant accumulation of things. The acres of t-shirts from every team and activity they partake in, mountains of shoes, endless laundry--the list and the pile are never ending. But with a quick read and an afternoon of hard work, we can teach you how to organize your kid’s closet!

Step One: Empty Out Your Closet

You will need a clean slate to start this process. While you are removing everything from the closet, take stock of what items will be donated and what items will need a new home in your kid’s closet organizer system! Will the new space be mainly for your child’s wardrobe? Will it be a joint space of wardrobe, toys, sporting equipment, and school supplies? Keep this in mind when planning out the organizational structure of the closet.

Step Two: User Every Inch of Space

No matter what kid’s closet organizer you select, maximizing every square inch of space is a crucial foundational step in creating a long term solution. Accurately measure out the space to ensure the system you choose can transform the storage just as you imagined! To help with this, check out our free closet design tool.

Step Three: Organize into Categories

This allows you to estimate how much space will be needed for each category of clothing or items. Try and picture what will need to be folded, hung, or tucked away each season so that you allocate a proper amount of space to each theme. Taking the time to separate items into categories is an essential step in organizing your kid’s closet. After all, stylish fabric laundry hampers can only hide so much!

Step Four: Keep Daily Items Easy to Reach

This space needs to be neat but also functional, so ensure your child can safely reach the items they will be using the most. Our solid wood storage cubes are a great way to keep the space looking organized while still allowing your child easy access! Keep the out of season clothes high and out of reach to avoid the temptation for them to drag out their favorite winter sweater.

Step Five: Shoe Organization is Key

Before you install some low clothes rods make sure there will still be room on the floor for their shoes! We don’t want the freshly hung clothes touching the tops of their dirty shoes. The floor is a great storage option for your kid’s shoes but a solid wood shoe rack organizer can really maximize your space.

Step Six: Reserve Shelves Wisely

It can be tempting to place a fresh, tidy storage bin in the center of your shelf for a pleasant look. However, these spaces should be reserved for your kid’s large and awkwardly shaped items, such as a helmet or trophy. Otherwise, they often don’t have a home and end up getting shoved into hard to reach places.

Step Seven: Utilize Door Real Estate

The back of the door can be a great location to add storage hooks! These hooks provide great storage opportunities for winter clothes, towels, robes or even a hanging hamper. Remember we said every square inch, that includes the doors!

Step Eight: Revisit Your Plan

While the newly organized closet may perfectly fit your child’s current needs when they’re 7 years old, the strategy should be revisited every couple of years as kids change quickly along with their organizational needs. Next time you're ready to organize your kid’s closet again you may be searching “how to clean my teen’s closet”!

Choosing a Kid’s Closet Organizer System

Installing or creating an entire closet organizer can seem overwhelming. Luckily, John Louis Home offers many different styles and types of closet organizers to fit everyone’s unique needs along with clear, easy instructions. A children’s closet organizer is simply an adult one with smaller clothes and more toys included. These solid wood systems are customizable and can adjust with the child’s needs over the years, simplifying the task of organizing your kid’s closet.

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