How to Organize My Craft Room

Does the Albert Einstein quote regarding a cluttered desk and cluttered mind ring true in terms of a cluttered craft room? If it does, the first question you might want to ask yourself is, “How do I organize my craft room?”

Whether your craft room is filled with the essentials including adhesives, cardstock, paint, and a printer, it is important to be organized in your craft room to find the vital items to make your crafts. There are many ways to implement and organize a craft room with storage, which we will list below, but one to highlight is craft room wall storage. Find inspiration from the list below on how craft room storage solutions can help you declutter your craft space to then get creative.

Craft Room Wall Storage

You will want as much space in your craft room as possible to work on your projects, and one easy way to acquire additional space is through wall storage. By organizing storage on a wall, you are learning how to set up a craft room and utilizing your creativity through finding craft room storage solutions.

By taking advantage of wall storage, your crafting process will be streamlined because you will be making more space for just that, crafting! It is important to remember that how to organize a craft roomis ultimately up to what works best for you, the space you are dealing with, and your crafting needs.

Stackable Storage Racks

If you have minimal space in your craft room, organizing your craft items through using stackable storage racks should make your room a bit easier to navigate. If you prefer a tidier look to your craft room setup, try using a cube storage organizer. If you favor a clean-looking but a more open room, a storage rack might be more your style when it comes to craft room wall storage.

Bins on Shelves

If you’re all set with your craft room’s wall storage with stackable storage racks but have a few remaining items, one of the many fixes you might put into place is through using storage bins on shelves. Regardless of if the shelving units are ventilated solid wood, adjustable, or part of a shelf kit, canvas bins ortweed binsplaced upon a wall shelf is a smart way on how to organize a craft room.

Repurpose Old Items for Crafting

By repurposing old items or items found around the house that are too worn out for everyday living, it prolongs the life cycle of the household items.

Whether it is an old table to use for the tabletop or once-lavish dresser drawers that might have seen their best days in previous years, repurposed items are a great use of how to set up a craft room, especially if you’re on a budget.

Although an old table or drawers might be more obvious solutions to organizing your craft room, don’t forget to take advantage of smaller objects such as old phone case boxes for separating pens and pencils, shoe boxes to arrange items like yarn or thread, or jewelry boxes with built-in dividers.

Separate and Store Craft Room Items by Size

How to organize a craft room is up to each individual but, as always, there are ideas that are fairly universal.

One such craft room organization tip that many in the crafting world take to heart is to separate items like wood dowels and paintbrushes, cotton balls and cotton swabs, or ribbon and yarn. Once the pieces are categorized, it should be easier to have your craft room organization come to life.

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