How to Organize Your Entryway

Acting as the gateway between outside and your family's home, your entryway is used by each member of the household and is likely the first room seen by guests welcomed into your home. Knowing how to organize your entryway, and strike a balance between functionality and visual appeal is the key to making life easier for your family while maintaining a beautiful first impression of your home. You wouldn’t want guests to be met with a room full of clutter or muddy floors when first coming into your home.

We have a few entryway organization ideas that will keep your home clean, organized, and make a lasting impression on your guests.

How to Organize Shoes in Entryway

Keeping your floors neat is one of the biggest challenges your entryway will face as shoes from the outside will track in mud, water, and dust. Tracking in the remnants of the outside world is bound to happen in your entryway, but there are ways of minimizing damage to your floors and keeping your family's shoes organized in a neat manner. A large welcome mat will take care of most of the water and dirt that is collected on your shoes as you come through the door. This welcome mat can also act as a stopping point for your guests and family members to take off their shoes to prevent any further spread of dirt and debris.

You don’t want a pile of shoes building up in your entryway, how will you organize your shoes here? A wooden shoe storage bench is a great piece of functional furniture that provides visual appeal and solves your organizational dilemmas. With plenty of underseat cubbies your outdoor shoes will be out of sight from guests, and in a convenient location for all family members.

Hide the Clutter

Canvas cube storage bins have many uses for keeping your home and entryway a neat, elegant place. One of the best uses of bins is being able to put all your “junk” and clutter in a tucked away place. Consider using bins in your entryway storage bench for a surefire way to hide your shoes in the entryway. In the wintertime these bins can be a great place to store all your family's winter hats, gloves, and scarves that would otherwise take up a lot of space. The plethora of different designs and sizes allow for a much more customizable approach to making your entryway an organizational haven.

Think Vertically

Entryways are not usually the biggest rooms in your home. It can be a real challenge to organize and create spaces for all your family's items that come and go when leaving the home. Using your entryways wall space is a way to open up more storage when you’re running out of real estate on the floor. Installing a few wooden shelf kits right near the door of your entryway is a great option to add functionality and visual appeal to your space.

Everyone leaves home with a mental checklist of items they can’t forget -- keys, wallet, phone. Placing these shelving units right next to your door is a great place to store all these items so you’ll never leave the house without them.

Learning how to organize your entryway can not only make your life easier and less stressful, but it can impress your visitors as well. A space you see every time you enter or leave your home is worth investing in.

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