How to Organize Your Jewelry in a Drawer

Your jewelry is not just a collection of trinkets to be tucked away and forgotten; oftentimes it's heirlooms and memories. While these silver lined sentiments do need an organizational home, they also require display and appreciation. The versatile and visually appealing solution to this issue is our velvet jewelry tray inserts.

John Louis Home offers jewelry tray inserts in both half (11”) & full (22.75”) sizes to accommodate all collections. Allow us to share a few tips we've gleaned through years of helping others organize their lives and bring your jewelry collection back into the limelight.

Organizing Your Jewelry Tips

Declutter Your Collection

We all are guilty of buying something trendy, planning on wearing it eventually, but then later realizing it just doesn't fit our personal style. Holding on to pieces we wore 5 or 10 years ago that we'd never wear today. Now's the time to donate those pieces. Take each piece and really ponder whether this piece will get worn - if the answer is probably not, then send it to a new home!

Organize Tray by Type

Dedicate an entire jewelry tray insert to a certain type of accessory. This will allow you to compare all of your necklaces with all of your bracelets, earrings or rings at once, making the selection faster and easier. A personal favorite is to have a tray specifically for special occasions so it's effortless to find what you're looking for on date night.

Utilize Your Space Outside of Drawers

While you can organize your necklaces in a drawer, without careful attention that can easily turn into a very expensive knot. Getting an elegant necklace tree, a wall organizer, or simply installing some hooks in your wall is a perfect way to organize your more complex and tangle-prone pieces. However, another drawer-solution is to buy the larger trays that have designated spots for necklaces to keep them pristine and safe.

Stack Trays to Maximize Space

If you have an extensive collection, simply stack multiple trays! Keep your most used jewelry on the top for smooth access. Specifically, our half trays are great for storing everyday items with the easy of sliding back and forth across a lower tray to easily grab other favorite items.

Think Outside The Box

Jewelry and valet trays are also great for use in alternative areas or outside the drawer. Trays are perfect for organizing makeup (lipstick, nail polish, pencils), craft supplies and more. You can also follow the same organizing guides for compartmentalizing.

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