Why Storage Bins Are Great

So you just finished remodeling your closet and now you’re getting ready to get organized. Where do you put things that don’t hang or stack? What about items you don’t use often? How do you keep everything tidy? It can be overwhelming but theres an answer.

You guessed it. Bins & baskets!

Remember that before you start any organization process you should always go through your items and decide what you don’t need and can get rid of. Organizing with bins and baskets can keep your space stress free and tidy. Here’s why they work so well:

They work for everything, in every space and for every age.

Anyone can use them. From a 4yr old and up. You can use the to store all those lego pieces in the kids closet, keep socks rolled & tidy in the bedroom closet, store craft materials in the spare closet or bathroom tissue in the linen or bath closet. Whatever it is, bins and baskets can keep it organized.

There’s plenty of variety.

Bins and baskets come in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and material. This makes it easy to find a fit for most spaces and match your decor style.

They increase storage area

Storage space becomes less when items don’t stack well on shelves. When items are tilting and falling into each other the vertical storage space available is unusable. Bins and baskets provide a container to keep items from falling into each other so you can maximize space.

Perfect for seasonal and seldom used storage.

Bins and baskets keep your space looking tidy and stylish when storing seasonal or seldom used items. Keep these bins in low traffic spots of the closet such as upper shelves. Bins with label sections are preferred to use for these types of items that way you have easy access to the items when needed.

Ideal for “Junk”

Not all of your items can be easily organized into a category. Bins and baskets offer an attractive way of organizing those items we call “junk”. Only keep items related to the space that way you don’t create a catch all spot.

No matter how or where you use them, bins and baskets store tons of stuff while still adding style and charm to your space.

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