5 Easy Closet Organization Tips

Whether you have a large walk-in bedroom closet or a small closet, we’ve all felt the pain and stress that is caused by having your closet too cluttered. With clothes stacking up on shelves and hanging rods, it can feel like there is no way you will ever have enough space again. Sometimes it’s just easier to close your closet door and forget about the clutter than to take steps to cut down on the mess.

There can be a lot of reasons that are holding you back from attacking your closet clutter. Maybe you think you need to spend money on a brand new closet organization system. Or maybe you simply don’t know where to start and how to prioritize your closet. Cutting down on your closet mess is easier (and cheaper) than you may think! And the best part is you can do it quickly too.

1. Decide what to keep and what to toss

Breakups are hard. Especially when it comes to your closet. Anyone who has organized bedroom closets before knows that you are bound to find some hidden gems in your closet that you almost forgot belonged to you. Finding these clothing items makes you want to wear them again, even though you forgot they were there. This can lead to more clutter and avoids the source of the problem.

When you start organizing your bedroom closet the best thing you can do is set a strict boundary on what clothes you are keeping and what clothes you are getting rid of. One of our favorite closet organization tips is making three piles of clothes. One pile for the clothes you are keeping. One pile for the clothes that are in good condition but just aren’t your style anymore – these can be donated. And the last pile is for clothes that have some wear and tear and just need to be thrown away or recycled.

After this exercise, you will be surprised at how much you will cut down on your clutter, just by getting rid of clothes that you’ve held onto for a little too long.

2. Divide Your Bedroom Closet Visually and Functionally

Sometimes a cluttered closet fix can just come down to making it look a little bit more visually appealing. While you may not have a large number of clothes in your closet, they may just be a little bit out of order. Using some type of divider or organizer for your shelves or hanging rods can be a great way to create sections that are for specific items. This can leave your closet looking visually better, but will also provide you with functional use too. You will no longer need to dig through every hanging item to find the one shirt you had picked out for your outfit.

Feel free to divide your closet in any way you would like, but we have a few suggestions that are popular for closet organizing extraordinaires,

- By Lifestyle/Occasion: Divide your clothes into sections based on when you wear them. This can help keep your work clothes and lounge clothes separate from your leisure/sports clothing as well.

- By Style: This is one of the more common dividing methods that you likely already employ. Divide your clothes into sections based on the type of clothing item. Pants, dress shirts, casual shirts, and shorts all should have their own home in your bedroom closet.

- By Color: Use this method for the ultimate eye appeal factor. Dividing your clothes into sections based on color will easily be the prettiest and most appealing method. Experience a serene rainbow of fabrics in your closet.

- By Use: Simply put, there are items in your closet you wear more often than others. Put the items you always seem to have on in a larger, easier-to-reach section of your closet and tuck away those unique occasion pieces for the right time.

3. Seasonal Bedroom Closet Organization

The best way to reduce the chance of your closet getting too out of control in the future, is by taking some time frequently to organize it! If you keep up with organizing your closet, it will likely never reach a point that stresses you out and seems overwhelming. We like to organize our bedroom closets with the changing of the seasons. If you live in an environment with hot summers and cold winters, this can be a great exercise (and gets you ready for the outdoors).

Many closets aren’t large enough to hold t-shirts and shorts for hot summer months, as well as your bulkier and puffier winter coats and clothing. And how many times are you pulling your winter coats out during the summer anyways? Start by finding storage space in your home to store your out-of-season clothing items. At the start of each new season, take all the clothing items you won’t need at that time and store them away. If storage is tight in your home, we recommend getting a few vacuum-sealable bags to put your clothes in to reduce the size they take up.

After your first big bedroom closet overhaul, keeping up with the clutter on a seasonal cadence will ensure your clutter never gets out of hand again!

4. Add Bins and Buckets for Smaller Items

Depending on how your closet is constructed, you may be limited on drawer space for your clothing. Smaller items and accessories like socks, underwear, jewelry, and belts may have trouble finding their own spaces and can be thrown all together in one drawer. This can lead to clutter and just confusion when looking for items.

One of the best bedroom closet organization tips we have is creating homes for all these items you use on a daily basis. A great way to do this is by getting color-coded storage bins for each item. This is a great way to make sure the items are where they belong and are easily found when you are looking for them.

Looking for creative tips on how to store and organize your jewelry? Check out our tips here!

5. Use Closet Wallspace Creatively

Your closet may have lots of wall space that you simply aren’t utilizing because there isn’t anything there! Don’t let this hold you back. While this will require a little more effort and time, using the wall to install storage and organization units can be a great use of space.

Install wall shelving on your empty walls as places to store smaller items. Think hats and shoes for these shelves. Instead of letting these items pile up on shelves that are shared with your clothes, or just on the ground, create a unique and well-thought-out space for these items. A lot of times clutter builds up because items just don’t simply have a dedicated space or home. Adding more options for storage can help fix this problem and make sure everything can be put where it belongs.

Find a Method that Works for You

Bedroom closet organization isn't a one size fits all technique. And it doesn’t have to be done all at once. Space out your efforts and think about attacking your closet portion by portion if you are feeling overwhelmed. Use some of the tips listed above and feel free to organize your closet using any other tips that work for you! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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