Wooden Closet Organization Sets You Up for Success

For many, the bedroom and closet is your place to relax. Whether you are unwinding from a long day of work, picking out the perfect outfit for a weekend excursion, or getting ready for a lazy sunday, your master closet is your place to be yourself. The difference between a basic attached closet and one equipped with endless organizational possibilities is stark however. Being in charge of how your wardrobe is organized can make your mornings easier and can provide health benefits to your life.

It’s been seen that by being more organized and less cluttered, you can successfully reduce stress in your life that you didn’t even know existed. In order to achieve this peace of mind you must make the most of your closet space. Adding a built in wooden closet system can take your simple clothing rods to the next level. Clear your closet of the many dressers and stacked drawer organizers and have all your clothing and accessories available in one system.

Mastering your closet space takes time and planning. We have a few ways to reduce that stress in your life by making your closet a peaceful place to start or finish your day, by adding built in features to your closet.

Everything You Need, in One Space

A large problem many will run into with their first closet space is that there is still a need for other pieces of furniture. Sure, your closet may come equipped with a few clothing rods that can hang your dress shirts, dresses, or outerwear during the colder months. You still find yourself having to purchase an organizer for your watches, socks and other accessories. Depending on the size of your wardrobe and how much clothing rod space you have available, you may have to purchase an entire separate dresser for pants and shirts, and this may not even fit in your closet!

Turning your normal closet into a built in master closet can stop the need for all these additional purchases in your life. With fully customizable features, you can still have the great clothing rod space you need but right next to your clothing rods, you’ll now have space to access your shirts and pants in the drawers that come attached to a closet built in.

The sleek finish of a wooden closet organization system not only makes for a beautiful start to your morning, but eases you into the day by knowing where everything is kept. The best part about totally remodeling your closet is the full customization you’ll have over the space, and you can add to your closet depending on what your wardrobe requires.

Mastering Your Built In Closet Space

Not everyone’s closet needs are the same. Sneakerheads will want to prioritize many layers of shelving to show off their fresh kicks that they wear daily. Fashion savvy users may prefer more clothing rod space to hang nice suits, dresses, and other staple pieces. For those who have a mix of everything in their wardrobe, the perfect combination of rods, shelves and drawers can be incorporated into your space when planning out your built-in closet.

While the final design and product is up to you and what will best suit your needs, there are a few things you should consider when building your new and improved wooden closet that will set you up for success in the future.

Proper Shelving Depth

When designing your built-in master closet, you should always be thoughtful of your measurements for closet depth and height. Planning your closet depth can set you up for success and ensure that you can purchase the right sized shelves and drawers for your closet. Your closet shelf depth will typically be shorter than the total depth of your closet.

If possible, you want to allow space for 16 inch shelving to fit in your closet. This provides you with the most possible storage space on beautiful wooden shelves. Whether it’s your folded clothing or shoes and hats, the more shelving depth you have, the more you can fit. This will contribute to less cluttering in other parts of your closet and can work to reduce stress on yourself.

If you are limited in space for your wooden built-in closet, you can consider sacrificing some shelf depth and opt for another popular option, 12 inch shelves. While this will not provide the same amount of space as a larger shelf, sometimes you may have to adjust based on the space you are working within.

Solid Wood Drawers

As mentioned above, one of the great benefits of adding a closet built in to your space is eliminating the need for extra furniture. You may be using a six drawer dresser to fit many of your clothing items as well as accessories like socks, belts, and jewelry. When planning your new closet, make sure to include the option to add wooden drawers straight into your design. Not only will this eliminate extra furniture, it will allow you to have your whole wardrobe available right in front of you – in one space.

The addition of drawers, right into your closet space, also allows you to store jewelry trays that may house some of your staple pieces for any outfit. How many drawers you make room for depends on your wardrobe and what you need to store. Regardless of the amount, drawers make a seamless addition to any closet, and allow for easy mornings.

Store Vertically

Thinking vertically when designing wooden closets is something that many people don’t do enough of. You can often be limited by the amount of space you can build your closet in, but by thinking about vertical storage, you can maximize your closet space. Vertical storage towers , or stacking shelves underneath clothing rods in a vertical manner can multiply the amount of space you have available to you.

Designing a closet built in should be a fun and creative exercise. Break out of the box and utilize the most space you can by thinking about creative ways to organize your closet storage options. Adding vertical rows of storage allows you to have different sections for different events. Whether you want to divide your clothing by occasion or season, vertical storage lets this happen. Not to mention that vertical storage can play tricks on the eye and make your closet space seem larger than it is. An aesthetically pleasing and functionally appropriate addition to any wooden built-in closet!

Your Closet Should Reflect Yourself

Ultimately when building your master closet built in, you want to ensure that it is a space that makes sense for your needs. If you are more of a folder than a hanger, cut down on the amount of clothing rods you plan to have, and perhaps use that space for another drawer or shelf. You will be spending almost every morning and night, in some capacity, in your brand new closet so make sure it’s a space you enjoy. Once the design and functionality of your closet is set, feel free to move on to the aesthetics of the closet.

You want to ensure that there is proper lighting in your closet so that you can see your daily outfit in proper lighting. Making space for a full body mirror that has an overhead light equipped can do wonders for your fashion mind. At this time too, you can begin to think about what beautiful stain you want equipped with your wooden closet built in. Try to match the wood stain to a theme that follows the rest of your home, or make it entirely its own design. Like the storage options, the visuals of your closet are entirely up to you. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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