Ideas to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets With Storage Bins

Home organization is one of those checklist items that is seemingly always on the things-to-do list, but to finally tackle it once and for all, you might need some guidance. Regardless of the look of the organization of the rooms, there is a reason to organize, and not solely out of preference sake of what the rooms look like.

There are, indeed, health benefits to keep a home tidy. Whatever the reason is — visually stimulating the brain through organization or to mitigate stuffy noses or sneezy from dust — for maintaining a clean house, managing how your home looks can go a long way to ease your mind when it comes to you and your family’s health.

So whether your home organization is for health reasons, out of personal preference of wanting to organize, or both, we have a few simple ideas to organize your bathroom cabinets, toiletry closets, and vanities.

How Bathroom Organization Streamlines Your Life

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Most people might answer this question by saying they scroll through their phone, going about a morning exercise routine, or simply turning on the television to catch up on news or last night’s late game or movie. Usually, however, the most important answer to the question involves something such as brushing your teeth in the bathroom.

Whether it’s your toiletry closet or underneath the sink and out of the way where your toothpaste is located, it’s imperative to many people to organize their bathroom vanity in such a way that they can tackle those morning routine items without bathroom chaos.

Whether you have a small toiletry closet or are unsure of how to go about organizing your bathroom cabinet, there are simple ways to tackle the bathroom madness, before all of the items that are used every day get too out of control. If the issue is that you have a small space, we have some ideas to organize a bathroom that might not have all the bells and whistles of larger spaces.

Organizing Your Bathroom Cabinet

When you get down to it, it can be a bit overwhelming to organize any parts of your home, whether it’s a living room, dining room, kitchen, or a bedroom, but a bathroom sometimes can be the trickiest of them all. If you’re looking into sprucing up your bathroom and are looking for ideas on how to organize your bathroom cabinets, we have a few tips that are easy to implement.

Storage Bins

Using storage bins is often the go-to and possibly best way to organize your bathroom vanity, in terms of below sink options. When placed next to each other under the sink, storage bins are an easy way to categorize bathroom items that are often grouped together. For instance, one storage bin may be useful to store shower items like body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and the like; whereas another storage bin could be used to stash toiletries like makeup and hair brushes.

Whether you have a smaller space or if you are able to take advantage of more area to place your bathroom items, remember to make use of the space that you do have. Change up the types of organizational items you use so that every nook and cranny can be useful as you don’t want to waste any space.

Solid Wood Shelves

If you have a larger bathroom closet, cabinet, or vanity, you may have some room to play. Storage bins are a great asset, but another item that may be worth your while is purchasing a few shelves. Solid wood shelves , in tandem with the storage bins, are a great way to utilize the space you have, especially if you have a deeper closet or cabinet. By installing wood shelves, the levels that you have created adds to making your bathroom cabinet organizing task a little bit easier. One way of taking advantage of using shelves and storage bins is by placing the bins on top of the shelves and, voila, there’s more room below the shelves for more bins or for anything you’d like to place.

Likewise, the structure of the cabinet or vanity with shelves can make it easier to make sense of the bathroom items you have by selecting the items that are used more frequently and placing them on top of the shelves, while the items that are bulkier (hair dryer comes to mind!) or not normally used being placed below the shelving unit.

Vertical Dividers for Separation

It may be a good idea, after separating a few items with storage bins and formatting the cabinet or closet with shelving, to utilize vertical dividers. With vertical dividers or shelving, larger items such as towels, sheets, or hair implements can be kept in the space, but still be seen and reached quickly and easily.

Though a more secondary perk of the use of vertical dividers, they can be aesthetically pleasing, especially when thought is put into the overall look of organizing a bathroom cabinet. This benefit is helpful for the look of your toiletry closet or bathroom cabinet or closet, and once the vertical dividers are in place, the vertical and horizontal aspects of the shelves, bins, and dividers will make your bathroom cabinet look bigger than it truly is.


Haven’t used your label maker in awhile? Now’s the time to get it out of storage and put it to work. Using labels is one of the ways in which organizing a bathroom cabinet can feel a bit more like home; like the toiletry closet or bathroom cabinet organization is of your handiwork and personalized through labels.

If the other tips and ideas of bathroom organizing were brought to fruition, then using the labels will be useful for extended use of the cabinet or closet organization materials. Good quality labels will stay on the intended piece of bin, shelf, or divider for some time and guide whoever is needing an item from the bathroom.

So whether you have a visitor or guest at your home, or you and your family have been meaning to tackle organizing the whole house room by room, the labels, along with the storage bins, dividers, and shelving units will enhance the space of your bathroom for a more peaceful, tidy, and pleasant experience.

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